Step by Step Guidelines for Company Registration Process in Afghanistan

Company Registration Process in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, if you want to start a business this one helps you to set up a business with in-depth guidelines. Check this out and let us know any inquiries if you have.


The enlistment of a business in Afghanistan takes seven days and presently costs about US $135. The fundamental advances are:

  • Register at the Afghanistan Central Business Registry (ACBR) and acquire Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • Pay enlistment and distribution expenses at Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB) branch
  • Acquire permit to operate from AISA
  • Get investigation (AISA)
  • Additional data is at

The financial specialist ought to buy and by visiting AISA office to finish the cycle of permit obtaining. Something else, an approved delegate of the financial specialist should be available in AISA for this errand.

Register the organization and acquire Tax Identification Number (TIN) Specifications of every single new business and ventures are gathered from AISA by the Afghanistan Central Business Registry (ACBR) office and shipped off the Ministry of Justice in Kabul for distribution in the Official Gazette.

Pay the enlistment, distribution and permit expenses Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) issues a bill to be paid at the clerk situated in counter 19 of the all inclusive resource.

Get the permit from AISA

When the application is acknowledged and the expenses are paid at AISA’s clerk, the permit to operate is gotten from the Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA).

Required Documents

Required Documents
  • An application form (available online)
  • Copy of ID or passport of the Director(s)
  • 2 sets of color passport photographs of Director(s)
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Tax Identification form


To work a business legitimately in Afghanistan it needs to get a permit to operate. This permit is granted through AISA and is to be reestablished yearly. Certain enterprises, for example the Health Sector, require an extra permit from the particular services. Both should be acquired preceding beginning business activities. Underneath please find definite data on both the AISA permit just as any remaining extra licenses. If you don’t mind, check with the Investor Support Department whether your sort of business requires quite an extra permit.


The enrollment of an organization in Afghanistan costs about US $135.



Any homegrown and unfamiliar firm willing to legitimately work in Afghanistan requires a permit to operate. This permit is granted by Afghanistan Investment Support organization (AISA) and is recharged by the office on yearly premise. Be that as it may, organizations putting resources into specific businesses, for example, Health area require an extra permit from the separate services other than the AISA permit prior to beginning their tasks in the nation.

Processing Time

The registration of a business in Afghanistan takes seven days.



The Afghan Investment Support Agency (AISA) is answerable for enrolling all unfamiliar and homegrown organizations in Afghanistan and helping organizations with exploring the large number of productive speculation openings in Afghanistan.

Required Information

  • Name of the company
  • Name of the president and vice president of the company
  • Location
  • Initial Capital
  • Type of Operation
  • Type of Activity

Need for the Document

The Afghan Investment Support Agency AISA has been made to pull in and encourage homegrown and unfamiliar speculation. Subsequently, it is the target of AISA’s staff to help the financial specialist at every possible opportunity.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate

Other uses of the Document/Certificate
  • Afghanistan is deliberately situated between the energy-rich republics of Central Asia and the significant seaports in South Asia giving a key travel course to focal Asian oil and gas to business sectors in South Asia just as abroad. Likewise, Afghanistan has characteristic admittance to business sectors of neighboring nations including significant quickly developing business sectors, for example, China, India, and Pakistan.
  • The standards of an unregulated economy are fused in the new Constitution {art. 10} similarly as the development of the private area is a foundation of the National Development Strategy. Thusly the President just as the Government has zeroed in seriously on eliminating hindrances to private area improvement.
  • Afghanistan is amazingly plentiful in mineral assets. There are as of now in excess of 1,400 distinguished mineral stores. These incorporate energy minerals, for example, oil, gas and coal just as iron and copper stores of world quality. Moreover known valuable and semi-valuable stones in Afghanistan incorporate emerald, jade, amethyst, alabaster, beryl, lapis lazuli, tourmaline, ruby, quartz, and sapphire. At long last incredible open doors for ventures exist inside the hydrocarbons business.
  • Following the public privatization program the greater part of the significant state-possessed undertakings have been scheduled for global delicate 2006-2008 which has made passage into every one of these areas simpler.

The candidate is required to give all right data in the application structure. Since off base data will impair the candidate to gain permission. Besides, if error of the given data is demonstrated after the issuance of permit, the speculators’ permit will be quickly ended and the privilege of venture will be lost. All data that will be required including data concerning Govt. charge installments, bank advances and capacity of paying for misfortunes will be founded on courts choices or inside lawful gathering.

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